Q:Do you charge for estimation?
There will be No charge for visiting.
Q:Is there anyrestriction for moving location?
We serve domestic to overseas moving.
Q:Do you take disposals?
Yes,we collect disposals at same time and we also have recycle company.
Q:Can you carry plants and pets?
Basically we are not responsible for moving animals and plants.We are able to carry plants on one condition.
Q:Is there anything movers can't carry? Any informations needs to be informed before moving?
We won't carry cash,credit cards,jewelries,hazardous/gund and explosives.
Please inform us if you own antiques and painting worth over 300K yen.
Q:Do you do small delivery?
No problem.
Q:Somebody needs to be there during the move?
Please be there to make sure your moving is going all right.
Q:can we cancell or changing moving date?

If you cancell or change moving date with in 2days before moving day,there will be a cancellation fee.

Please contact us about the cancellation fee.Please pay for packing materials if you already used to pack.

Q:What services do you offer without moving?
We serve piano shifting,multiple electrical work,internet setting up,furniture repairing,house cleaning,painting hanging and lot more.
Q:How do we pay?
Please pay by cash on the end of moving.
Q:What kind of insurance policy do you have?

In case of damage and accident,your household items and proprty are covered by our insurance company.Max amount is up to 5 million yen.

There are some items our insurance do not cover.Please confirm the terms and conditions before booking.

Q:Is there any condition if we move in or out from highrise apartment?

Please contact property managing company or front desk as soon as possible to prevent overbook movers.

Highrise apartments takes much more time and work.Some property might need moving reservation in advance.

Q:Is there any suggestion to make the move easier?
Please inform us how big your property,moving date and numbers of your family.Also giving us what is the priority for the move and requests,will make our moving proposal better.
Q:can you estimate with out no information about the new address or moving date?
We can give you rough estimate.Please understand moving price will change by dates and condtions of location.
Q:What kind of mover will be hired?
Our highly trained teams offer quality responsible service and always aim best to ensure efficent moving.
Q:Do you do office and store moving?
No problem,please contact us.
About privacy policy
We aim to be reliable company through taking care of your personal information correctly by upholding the Personal Information Protection Law of Japan.
Q:Do you move car and motorcycle?
Yes, please contact us.
Do you move people too?
It's prohibited by the transportation law.Please move to new place by yourself.
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